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The back door to the Bee Squad…

I love nice things. I really do. I think you probably do too. But what I REALLY love is a steal. I love a crazy stupid deal on something that I know is worth a lot more than I’m paying for it. In my everyday life I’m willing to pay for the thing. I understand and appreciate value, and I’ll shell it out, but between you and me, I still love a steal.

That’s why what’s happening this week has me feeling super sneaky.

A couple of times a year dōTERRA does something really cool! They offer a week of BOGO!

Buy One, Get One FREE!  

Each day, Monday through Friday dōTERRA gives us a new surprise offer. DoTERRA BOGO sales are released daily at midnight MST and will include one oil for purchase and another you’ll get FREE. And to make it an even sweeter deal you can purchase up to 5 of each offer, which means you can get around $100 in free oils each day! That’s rad.

What makes this feel especially sly is I know what these essential oils can do, and I know how valuable they are.

My life, health, creativity, endurance, well being, glowing skin, shiny hair, and so much more have been effected by dōTERRA essential oils. They are powerful natural tools that come to my rescue in so many ways, daily. They are also organically, ethically, and sustainably sourced by a company that I emphatically trust. So getting to participate in this mysterious week of wild deals make me feel like I’m getting away with something.

Does a crazy good deal make you feel a little sneaky?

Here’s how you get the INSIDE DEAL:

you’ll want to grab your very own wholesale account so you can get the very best price each day.

(25% off retail + the free oil, it’s shocking!)

  1. Click the button below (if you are international, click the button below, and once on the page click the button with my face in the top left, and it will take you to a page where you can click, “become a member”. This will allow you select your country)

  2. fill out your info

  3. select Wholesale customer

  4. make sure you see my face! If not, enter ID: 4057502

  5. Choose a starter kit (this month any reduced price starter kit will earn you back $50 in dōTERRA product next month) OR scroll down and select $35 Wholesale Intro kit

  6. Then check out, or! Add the deal of the day to your cart.



I’m going to let you in on a SECRET…

Monday, November 19th, the deal is: Buy One OnGuard ($32 wholesale), get One Breathe FREE ($20 Wholesale).

These are two of dōTERRA’s top selling staples. I go through these like lightening, so I’ll get all they’ll let me. OnGuard is protective, and will give your immune system a boost, and Breathe is everything you need to keep your respiratory system happy.

Don’t miss these sneaky deals. Let these oils go to work for you, and at serious fraction of the price.

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