I stumbled onto doTERRA essential oils searching for natural solutions to regular everyday human problems, and a few above average human problems, and to my surprise, they worked! Just how I needed them to and some…

Especially PastTense. Remind me to tell you about PastTense.

That was back in 2013 and I’ve been benefitting from their goodness ever since, never knowing what was really cooking, or where they were coming from, or why they worked. I was just grateful for help and relief.

But now it’s those juicy details: the who, the where, the why, and the how, that really bake my bread. And by bake my bread, I mean constantly keep me in tears of joy, deep awe and extreme gratitude.

I started building a business with doTERRA and thusly created the Bee Squad in the fall of 2017, and I’m continuously grateful to learn, lead, and share these oils with you.

I’m a left handed, synesthete, gemini, strategic, world traveling house cat.

I love learning, I love teaching, I love making work and I love growing things.

I love big. I literally can’t stop crying. It could be a thing. Seriously, don’t mind me.

I love silly drawings and happy music. But like good happy music…

I really love a KGB Spy thriller. Like the most.

I’m embarrassingly and unapologetically sincere. I don’t mind… I’ll still tell you how beautiful and loved you are even if you’re not there yet.

I believe in equity, righting wrongs, showing up, and doing more good.